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Get direction on your writing!

Is 2022 the year you write that book or complete that writing project you've dreamed of?

Dust off that draft, kick resistance and fear to the kerb and join us on The Writing Road Map. This six week intensive is the second part of the Writing Road Trip. It's designed to help you get clarity and direction as well as accountability and community as you find your voice and bring alive what's in your heart.

You may have a vision for your writing project but if we don't pin down our scope and choices in some way, it can be hard to gather the threads and find a starting point. 

Are you tired of watching other writers around you make steady progress with their writing goals while you’re left drowning in overwhelm and foggy indecision? 

Perhaps you have a collection of half finished writing projects all vying for your attention or a goal in mind but you don’t have a clue where to start. 

Either way, you need clarity and a strong sense of direction or your writing will never find an audience. And that's soul destroying because what you have to say is important.

You know you can write, that’s not the problem.

And you’re not short of expert advice or writing tips. But facing this alone feels daunting, especially when your inner critic gets started.

You long to step into your agency as a writer. 

You long to expand and stretch into your full creative capacity.

Lurking in the shadows and feeling like a fraud is draining your creative confidence.

We know how that feels.

It’s time to realise your dreams.

It’s time to:

  • build an inspiring and sustainable writing practice from the ground up.
  • dial down the noise and hone in on developing your creative processes.
  • fine tune the practices and routines that will ensure your success.

Yes, writing is a solitary pursuit but that doesn’t mean you have to travel alone.

The Writing Road Trip offers you the opportunity to belong to a community of like minded writers committed to their writing life. 

This Writing Road Map course helps you zero in on your purpose and direction. It helps you map the writing journey your way.

It’s here, within this creative community, you’ll find the support, fellowship, resources and accountability you need to find your voice.

What you will

Find inside

We created this program because we know writing can be lonely but it doesn't have to be. Our experience of writing together has shown us just how powerful community and connection can be for writers!  We are eager to travel together with you to help you bring your dreams to life on the page.

This 6 week course invites you to map the journey of your writing project, your way.  Whether you want to write a book, commit to blogging, write feature articles, create a course or any writing project you have in your heart, The Writing Road Map gives you a project plan that will steer your course and move you towards your achieving your goals. After setting your path in this 6 week program, you'll have the opportunity to join us for a 6 month Writing Road Trip community program where you'll set your plan in motion.

What you will

Find Inside The Writing Road Map


A road tripping adventure begins long before you take out the maps or pack your bags. Your journey starts when the exciting possibility of exploring unknown territory and making new discoveries becomes lodged in your imagination. Our task this week is to create an overarching vision for your writing project through engaging with imagery and  intuitive journaling as well as mapping your mission statement. Taking this time to name and understand your deepest intentions and purpose will help you steer the course when creative challenges arise.


As a driver and writer, you need to maintain a delicate balance between plotting and planning while also holding space for spontaneity, for unforeseen routes and scenic vistas. Keeping this in mind, it’s time to ground your vision by creating a project map and making some clear decisions about your direction and your destination. Your project map sets the course and serves as a valuable guide and a check point throughout the writing  process.


Get ready to pack your bags. Your vision and project outline not only plot and guide your road forward, they help you make clear decision about the tools, resources, routines and practices that will see you successfully on your way. We will deep dive into tools, tech and resources that have worked for us as well as explore a range of options both online and old school. This is a great opportunity to see what’s on offer and embrace what will work best for your personality and natural tendencies. 


When it comes to writing, what inspires and engages you? What sort of feedback and accountability metrics keep you on track?  Developing a writing practice that works best for you is a process of iteration and self awareness. This week we are all about routines, habits and practices that not only motivate you to turn up but dial down the distractions. You want to make it as easy as possible to experience that joyful sense of fluency and flow.


There is no denying that writing is hard and slow work, especially in the editing stage.  Developing a strong writing mindset is the best way we know to keep you on course. The world is full of talented writers that never publish a single word. Developing a growth writing mindset puts you in the driver’s seat and keeps you there. It’s the difference between starting and finishing your project. Self reliance, trust, self belief, resilience, patience and perseverance - these are essential writing skills which make the difference between thriving and surviving in your writing life.


It’s time to start planning how your writing project will make its way out into the world and find an audience. How will your original vision be realised? This is part of the writing process often trips us up. This phase is a heady mix of raw vulnerability, excitement and agency. It’s also where you may be looking for assistance in the way of editing and feedback. It’s definitely time to unpack your options!  If you haven’t decided which road you might take, this workshop will fill in the gaps.

Client Love

Laura Maya -Author, Nomad, Coach, Multipotentialite

"I thought, 'If I don't have time to write a book, then how am I going to have time for a writing group and still write a book?’ But I’m coming to understand that community and connection can help make the writing process less lonely. Working with Terri, I felt held and supported, like I wasn't doing this alone. Terri opened my eyes to the merits of non-traditional publishing - something I was not at all open to in the beginning because I believed traditional publishing was the only credible path (and the only option for an introvert who doesn't want to do her own publicity!) I learnt a lot about the benefits of different publishing strategies and ultimately I've decided to choose a publishing path I wouldn't have considered before speaking with Terri. This now feels like the path most aligned with my values and I'm excited to see my book come to life next year!" 

'Tell Them My Name' published by the kind press, February 2022. 


Sandra Radja - CAS, owner of The She Oak, an Ayurvedic practice for women 


"I came to Beth with a random book idea that I've had for a while. Beth’s approach uses the basis of imagery and creative prompts to get you to your “why”, where the passion lies and where others with the same sentiments will relate. The choice of style, words, and imagery in my writing came to life when I found the approach that made me come alive. Now writing this book feels sustainable. I’m eager to get to get to it daily, because each time I sit down to do the work, I feel like I’m opening up magical parts of myself, like a witness to my own goodness.  Beth is so open and encouraging and so kind - you find yourself feeling motivated like a professional athlete post session! Even if the book you want to write is only for yourself, the creative process itself is a real treat and one I highly recommend."



3 key



Knowing you have a group to check-in with about your writing project helps immensely with progress. It gives you an opportunity to both normalise and share the challenges and the joys of writing. There'll be regular weekly check-ins so you can set your goals, intentions and priorities as well review your progress. Mindset or practical obstacles that may once have tripped you up become discussion points as we trouble shoot solutions together.


Travelling with others as you write helps you feel less alone and more motivated. You realise your experiences are not unique to you and often someone can make a suggestion that helps just at the right time. Just having an opportunity to be heard when facing challenges is often enough to move through any issues. Our weekly 60 minutes Masterclass calls include an extra 30 minutes for Q&A so you can ask and learn from others.

Skills & Experience 

You'll be guided by two experienced writing teachers and authors who have many years of experience and skills to share. With a shared skillset that spans: teaching, adult education, mentoring, coaching, writing, publishing, editing, group facilitation, leadership, creativity and so much more, you'll learn new skills plus have a deeply supportive and joyful learning experience while you set out to achieve your writing goals and dreams.



fabulous to connect with you!

I'm Beth Cregan, one half of the Writing Road Trip duo!

"Twelve years ago, I combined my passion for creativity with my great love of writing to launch my business, 'Write Away With Me. Since then, I’ve presented hundreds of writing workshops across Australia and internationally to inspire and encourage writers to find their voice, develop their writing skills and connect with their inner storyteller. Over the years my work has branched out to include presenting writing workshops for writers of all ages and stages as well as taking on the role of a writing and book mentor. I believe writing simply makes life better so in 2017, I set out on a journey to write a book to inspire teachers to develop a daily an authentic writing practice in their classrooms. Writing and finishing this book, soon to be published in 2022 by Hawker Brownlow Education, was a transformational experience both personally and professionally. It’s a great privilege to take the hard won lessons I’ve learnt to support and guide others on their writing journey. I live in Melbourne and when I’m not writing or teaching, you’ll find me painting, hiking, rummaging in my garden or in a forest, hugging trees."


Wonderful to meet you

I'm Terri Connellan, the other half of the Writing Road Trip duo!

"I embarked on a major transition journey five years ago to focus more on writing and to launch my global, online creative business, Quiet Writing. Previously, I was a teacher and leader in the adult vocational education sector for 30 plus years. I have a Master of Arts in Language and Literacy and writing was central both to my teaching and leadership. Now, I'm an author, creative transition coach and accredited psychological type practitioner specialising in creativity, personality and self-leadership for women wanting deeper purpose in their lives. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, my books, Wholehearted: Self-leadership for women in transition and the Wholehearted Companion Workbook were published by the kind press in September 2021. I love sharing what I’ve learnt from my transition, personality, writing and publishing experiences to inspire others to fulfil their goals. I live in a village on the outskirts of Sydney surrounded by beach and bush and love swimming in the ocean, tarot, reading and of course, writing."

Writing Road Map

6 week course

Starts 28 February to 8 April



x 3 fortnightly payments

  • 6 x 90 minute weekly Masterclasses (60 minute workshop & 30 mins Q&A)
  • 2 skilled & experienced writing teachers & authors
  • Private community group 
  • 1 x 2 hour virtual writing retreat
  • Tons of community support, skills, insights, fun & guidance through-out.



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  • 6 x 90 minute weekly Masterclasses (60 minute workshop & 30 mins Q&A)
  • 2 skilled & experienced writing teachers & authors
  • Private community group 
  • 1 x 2 hour virtual writing retreat
  • Tons of community support, skills, insights, fun & guidance through-out.